Stan and Vicki Surbatovich

Sending church:Faith Community Church (Oxnard, CA)
Position:Missionary to Niksic, Montenegro; Stan has been granted dual citizenship
Stan and Vicki have five grown children, three currently in university.
Address:Petra Komnenica b.b., 81400 Niksic, Montenegro
Phone:+382 69-087-531
Fax:+382 83-235-428
Time Zone:EST +6 hours
Surbatovich family


Committed to Reformed Christianity

Ministry Focus

Preaching and discipling toward the end of church planting

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Stan's biography

Both of my parents were born in Montenegro. I was born in Los Angeles and grew up going to an Eastern Orthodox church. When I was young, although I believed I was a Christian, I had no love for Christ or hatred of sin. I was converted in 1979 during my first year of college, grew in Christ at the local church, and developed a burden for ministry and a general desire to one day serve in Montenegro. In 1982 I was married and 1990 graduated from Westminster West. I served as pastor at a local church and as a reserve chaplain in the Navy until I was recalled to active duty from 1991 - 1994. When my tour ended, I began investigating the possibility of ministering in the former Yugoslavia, which was in the middle of civil war. We made contact with churches in Serbia and together with our elders at Faith Community Church, came to the decision that I minister with an existing church in Serbia with the eventual goal of seeing a team raised up for a church planting work in Montenegro. After being denied visas by the Yugoslav government I entered Montenegro and was immediately granted visas for my whole family. Although God had shut the door to Serbia, He opened it to Montenegro - the very place we had eventually wanted to minister.

We chose to begin our ministry in Niksic, the second largest city which also had a university with an English program, because there were already two church planting works in Podgorica, the capital and largest city. After much preparation, we began our ministry in 1996. When we arrived, we didn't know of a single other Christian of any denomination in the entire city. Over the years we have expanded from ministering one-on-one to group Bible studies to holding Lord's Day services. We long for God to form us into a functioning Biblical church, and we long to see God raise up many Biblical churches throughout Montenegro for His glory.

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