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Blog entry for 25 March 2014

March 2014 Mission to Montenegro Newsletter

My soul magnifies the Lord,  
     My spirit has rejoiced in God my Savior.
 For He who is mighty has done great things for me,
       And holy is His name.  Luke 1: 49, 50

God had made them rejoice with great joy!

 We are so pleased to share the following good things the Lord has accomplished since we last wrote:

  • We are much encouraged by the good fruit of our dedicated weekly efforts to go out and visit unchurched people, especially working adults, families, and pensioners.  Several have since attended church (for the first time!) and others are increasingly committed to either attending church or keeping up contact with us personally.
  • Children are continuing to attend the 12 week outreach course which began in early February.  As can be expected, this is a small but dedicated core group, and some are already asking about what will be next.  So, this may very well lead into the start of an expanded Children's Ministry.
  • We recently enjoyed a mini gathering of the leaders from the various churches/outreaches here in Montenegro at a dinner sponsored by some Albanian Christians from Tirane.  Because of the paucity of evangelical believers in Montenegro and the Balkans in general, many of us appreciate and want to see increased cooperation and mutual encouragement of believers across borders and cultures.  Albania is actually a close neighbor, and we are looking forward to a mutually edifying relationship with at least one group of believers in Albania.
Upcoming Ministry and Family News 

  • For everything there is a season, and we are now in the season of gearing up for conferences, camps, and short-term teams and visitors.  In April, we are expecting organizers of Camp Monty as well as a British group for a week-long outreach to University students.  In May, Stan will be away at the Lausanne Conference in Geneva, and we will welcome back our college-aged children.  June, July, and August are filled with camp outreaches:  the teen camp, the Student Outreach English camp, and the Camp Monty sports camp, as well as the activities of short-term missionaries like our Danish friends, Tanja and Rebekka.  In September or October, we will be hosting the All-Montenegro Believer's Meeting here in Niksic, and  in November, we hope to head for the States.
  • We are planning to take a short, 6-8 week, furlough this coming late fall/early winter.  Our desire is to be in California in time to celebrate Thanksgiving with all the family, then reconnect with friends and supporters in early December through early January. With all our children stateside now, it makes sense for us to come more often (every year or two, instead of every three or four) for a shorter period of time.  If you would like us to visit, please contact Stan.
With great love and appreciation for your ongoing prayers and support in this great work of God,

Stan and Vicki Surbatovich
Mission to Montenegro  

Prayer and Praise Bulletin Points:   
  • Praise God for the several older people who have visited the church for the first time and heard the Word of God preached and His name praised.  Pray for them to return and continue to hear the Words of Life.  Pray for us that as the demands of hosting and hospitality increase with the coming season, we would still find the time and energy to go "out into the world."
  •  Praise God for the children who are coming every week to learn about Jesus, for their respectful eagerness, for Jelena V. who is faithfully preparing and meeting with them each week.  Pray for the children's understanding and love of the Savior to grow, for Jelena who has many demands on her time, and for a clear leading as to future ministry amongst unchurched children.
  • Praise God for the love of the Brethren, the family of God united in Christ throughout the world and throughout the ages.  Pray for our newfound relationship with concerned and caring believers in Albania, that we might mutually encourage one another to love and good works.
  •  Praise God for the many opportunities and helpers as "camp" season approaches.  These events involve people of many ages, nationalities, and talents working together, and they do, in themselves, give unbelievers a glimpse of the mighty works of God.  But please pray that God would use all these outreaches to add to our number those who are being saved.
  • Praise God for all those who contribute to the ministry here, whether with presents, presence, or prayers.  Pray for our upcoming furlough, for the arranging of the details, for the opportunity to present in-depth the lives and hearts that are being touched by Mission to Montenegro. 
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