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Blog entry for 19 April 2014

April 2014 Mission to Montenegro Newsletter

This is how we know that we live in him and he in us:
      He has given us of his Spirit.  And we have seen and 
Testify that the Father has sent his Son
      To be the Savior of the world.   I John 4: 13, 14

 The darkness is passing, the true light is already shining.

Highlights of ministry the past month include:

  •  By amazing providence, Stan was invited to represent and speak on Evangelicalism to a university sociology class here in Nikšić.  The meeting was voluntary and the professor told us to expect 10 students.  Stan spoke at our worship facilities and 20(!) students came.  All heard a clear exposition of the history of Protestantism and evangelicalism, and students left knowing basic truths about:  1. The Authority of Scripture, 2. Salvation in Christ, and 3. A Vibrant Christian Life.  The follow-up Q & A time was lively, and Danijel P. outlined our current evangelical student ministries.
  •  We just finished hosting a small group from LIFE ministries, here to oversee preparations for the Camp Monty summer sports outreach. Over the years solid relationships have been built with various people and businesses (eg., the interpreter, the printer, the soccer coach, facility directors) to put this camp on; it is a joy to see growing glimmers of understanding that the Christian life is a joy-filled life, not merely a "religious" thing to do on Sundays.
  • The Children's Outreach continues, though a bit hampered by illness and bad weather.  Please continue to pray for Jelena V. and the children.
Upcoming Ministry and Family News

  • This coming week we will be involved with the first-ever Missions Week outreach at our local university.  Evangelist Michael Ots and a team of twelve from the UK will engage students via sports, British Corner, outings, and most particularly, a series of talks on "What Kind of God?" which answers 10 questions people have about God.  Posters and flyers have been put up and handed out.  We are looking forward to an intense week of ministry.
  • We've welcomed back Peter G. who spent a month and half here last summer.  He is currently staying with us and prayerfully considering making Nikšić a "home base" and seeking to see how he can best serve the Lord with his time and talents here.
  • Reminder: We are planning to take a short, 6-8 week, furlough this coming late fall/early winter.  Our desire is to be in California in time to celebrate Thanksgiving with all the family, then reconnect with friends and supporters in early December through early January.   If you would like us to visit, please contact Stan.
With great love and appreciation for your ongoing prayers and support in this great work of God,

Stan and Vicki Surbtovich
Mission to Montenegro

Prayer and Praise Bulletin Points

  •  Praise God for the good rapport we have in the community, and the fact that Stan was asked to speak on Protestantism/Evangelism (and not the JWs!).  Pray for the students and the professor who heard the Gospel clearly presented (Stan gave a mini-demo on a sermon preached directly from Scripture as part of his talk), and who were interested in learning more.
  • Praise God for the good reputation Camp Monty has in this town and for the many, many people who make it happen each year.  Pray for those with whom we have continuing contact and relationships:  particularly the coach and his family, as well as the interpreter as they have become increasingly sympathetic to the gospel.
  • Praise God and thank Him for the children He is bringing to Himself.  This past week it was very heartwarming to hear the "Amin!" of one young boy at our mid-week prayer meeting.  Pray for good health and strength for all as it has been a month of illness for many including us.
  • Praise God for this upcoming Missions Week outreach and the favor shown us to actually host some events on the campus itself.  This is a big answer to prayer, especially in light of recent changes in administration at the university.  Pray that students would come, engage, wrestle with the big questions, and see that true answers are found only in Christ.
  • Praise God for putting Nikšić on the heart of Peter G. (and others) to come back and encourage both believers and unbelievers. Pray that God would be pleased to use the words of life shared and the love shown to bring sinners to salvation.
  • Praise for God's faithfulness in providing for our needs, but we do want to bring one new item to your attention.  With three children attending university our financial needs have increased, particularly due to the additional cost of transatlantic flights at Christmas and summer.  Please pray and consider donating frequent flyer miles or in other ways.  If interested, please contact us at stan.surbatovich@gmail.com for more details of how you might help in this practical manner. Thank you so much.
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