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Blog entry for 15 October 2012

October 2012 Mission to Montenegro Newsletter

Oh, that men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness,
     And for His wonderful works to the children of men!

For He satisfies the longing soul, 
     And fills the hungry soul with goodness. Ps. 107:8,9

Declare His works with rejoicing!

The busyness of summer evangelistic camps has given way to the autumn rhythm of weekly meetings, coffee fellowships, Student Bible studies, and more.  Some recent highlights include:

  •  We were blessed with the recent visit of Pastor and Evangelist Dr. Michael Green, Oxford, England who gave an encouraging and practical talk to our fellowship on sharing the love and good news of Jesus Christ to family and friends.  He also unabashedly shared that love and good news at our sponsored Student outreach at the Atrium Cafe in downtown Niksic.  Please pray for the students (N., in particular) and the staff who heard the Words of Life.
  • A week ago, we had another drop-in visitor, T. a man in his mid-30s, who came to our morning service because he saw our church sign.  This last week, the weather was poor and he didn't come.  Please pray that he would continue to join with us, hear God's Word, and grow in love, knowledge, and faith.
  • Landlord Concerns continue: Given that the sign announcing our services, detailing days and times, is being noticed by the public at large, it is disappointing that our landlord, after a month of silence, has decreed that we must take down our sign this week.  He is still willing to negotiate (possibly) a smaller sign as well as selling the premises outright.  Please pray for continued wisdom as we navigate these opportunities.
  • Pray for all the young believers in unbelieving (and usually dysfunctional) families.  Along with the dreariness of gray and grim weather outside, they face a spiritual darkness and battle within their family circles.  The Christian camps and summer teams of the past few months have been (as always) a great encouragement, but now they need to battle on with the Lord's help. Please lift these "pioneering " brethren before the Lord, that they would know His sweet mercies and Presence and be helped to actively love their families for Christ's sake.
Upcoming Ministry and Family News:
  •  Stan is expecting to finish up his preaching through the book of Daniel in our morning services and is in the process of choosing another book for exposition.  In the evening services, he is currently preaching from I John 2.  Please pray for Stan, for physical strength and health and that he would continue in his faithful teaching and preaching and right handling of God's Word: in the pulpit, in counseling, in everyday conversations.
  • Our daughter, Milijana, is in the process of applying to university for Fall 2013.  Please pray that God would guide and give us all wisdom as she seeks "next steps" after her graduation this coming spring. 
With great love and appreciation for your ongoing prayers and support in this great work of God,

Stan and Vicki Surbatovich
Mission to Montenegro

Prayer Bulletin Points:

  • For the students, cafe staff, casual Sunday visitors, family members, and friends who have been loved by our sharing the Word of God, the truth and claims of Jesus Christ, and their great need of a Savior; that they would turn to Him who is the true lover of souls.
  •  For our church meeting location and landlord, that we would be able to have a suitable sign and building for worshipping the Lord as a growing body of believers.
  • For young believers in unbelieving families, that they would find their sustenance in the One who is nearer and dearer than a brother, father, or mother. 
  • For Randi and Anton, to be effective in their witness and ministry as they increase their contacts and opportunities amongst university and high school students.
  • For all the regular ministries of the church:  preaching of the Word, prayer meetings, student Bible Study, Ladies' Coffee fellowship, and individual mentoring.   
  • For God's leading as Milijana applies to US universities.
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